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Question 1

What does B1G1F mean?

Buy 1 Get 1 For Less
Buy 1 Give 1 Free
Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Buy 1 Get 1 For Less
A Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer can be used in many forms. The most popular way is by coupon. The coupon states that you need to Buy 1 of a particular item to Get 1 Free by using the coupon. Some refunds are like this too. If you send in the form and proof that you bought a particular item, they´ll either send you the free item in the mail, or a coupon for the free item. Some times it´s a store or manufacturer´s special that automatically gets rung up at the register - no coupon, form or anything is needed.

Question 2

BC points are what kinds of points?

Big Cash
Boston College
Big Cents
Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker Points are found on specific product packages. These points are used, along with the Betty Crocker catalog, to lower the amount of money that you need to send in for your order. For instance, instead of paying $25 for a product, you might be able to send in 50 BC points and $10 in cash.

Question 3

What does BT4E stand for?

BoxTops for Education
BoxTops for Everyone
BoxTops for Excellence
BoxTops for Edibles
BoxTops for Education are found on specific product packages. Schools save them to use as "money" to "buy" things out of the special BoxTops for Education catalog.

Question 4

C/o stands for what?

Both #1 and #3
Yes, c/o means care/of, in postal terms. But in thrifty terms c/o refers to a type of coupon. Therefore c/o can mean cash/off or cents/off.

Question 5

CRT is the abbreviation for what?

Cash Register Total
Carefully Reduced Taxes
Cash Reduced Prices
Cash Register Tape
A Cash Register Tape is the receipt that prints out of the cash register. Most stores CRTs have the name of the item and price, but some store only have the price on the CRT.

Question 6

DB points are what types of points?

Duncan Hines/Betty Crocker
Double Bubble (Gum)
Deep Bargain
DoughBoy points are found on Pillsbury products, and ocassionally other products. These are used to buy special Pillsbury products, found in their catalog. a product would be XX amount of DB points + XX amount of dollars. These are similar to Betty Crocker points.

Question 7

What does the abbreviation DND mean?

Do Not Duplicate
Do Not Double
Do Not Disturb
Do Not Destroy
Do Not Double is found on some coupons. There are some coupons that manufacturer´s don´t want doubled. And if a coupon can´t be doubled, it normally can´t be tripled either.

Question 8

Envie is short for what term?

OK, I threw a trick in that one. Envelop and envelope are two different words. Did I trick you? Envie is short for envelope. Example: Did you get the envie of coupons I mailed you?

Question 9

The abbreviation GM means what?

General Motors
General Mills
General Merchandise
Good Money
General Mills makes cereal, and other breakfast items. Other cereal/breakfast food makers are Kellogg´s, Post and Quaker.

Question 10

What does M5M stand for?

Marlboro 5 Menthol
Merit 5 Mile
Marlboro 5 Mile
Made of 5 Meats
Marlboro 5 Miles are found on packs of Marlboro cigarettes. People save these to get Marlboro merchandise out of their numerous catalogs. You need to send in M5Ms and money to get the merchandise. They have very good merchandise in their catalogs.

Question 11

POP stands for what?

Proof of Purchase
Proof of Price
Proof of Points
Pennies off Products
A Proof of Purchase is usually the product´s UPC. Some manfacturer´s will request other POPs, such as boxtops, product seal, special package markings, and so on. These are used for refunds/rebates.

Question 12

What are qualifiers?

Proof of purchase for a coupon
Proof of purchase for a refund/rebate
Answers #1 and #2
Qualifiers are another name for POPs. Qualifiers are items that you need to complete a refund/rebate.

Question 13

SMP is what?

Special Marking on Package
Single Marked Package
Single Marking on Package
Specially Marked Package
A Specially Marked Package means that not all of the packages of a particula item will have the same thing. Whether it be a coupon, a form, a freebie, etc. For instance, on SMPs of Kellogg´s Rice Krispies is an order form to get a free recipe book. This means that not every package of Kellogg´s Rice Krispies will have this form.

Question 14

What is TMF the abbreviation for?

Try More Food
Try Me Free
Try Many Freebies
Try Me Fast
A Try Me Free offer is usually a refund/rebate. For instance, you could try a new product for free by purchasing the product, and sending in for a rebate/refund of the complete purchase price.

Question 15

What is a UPC?

Universal Produce Code
United Product Code
Universal Product Code
United Produce Code
A UPC is located on an item. This is a series of bar codes and numbers that are used to scan an item for pricing.

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