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Where can I find a ton of craft patterns and ideas?

Crafts 4 All Website

Go to for TONS of crafts in numerous categories. Some of the categories include angels, cross stitch, Christmas, wedding, and many more. This website is a bulletin board where the site owner, and registered users post crafts.

Where can I get free magazines?

Free Hobby Outlook Subscription

Here is the direct link to the page where you can sign up for a free subscription to Hobby Outlook Magazine. This magazine includes information on hot new products, coupons, giveaways, tips and tricks, product reviews and more.

How can I make wreaths?

Wreaths for All Seasons

45 seasonal wreaths that you can make.

Where can I get free craft patterns?

Free Monthly Cross Stitch Sampler

Go to for a free monthly cross stich sampler.

Where can I get free craft patterns?

Craft and Fabric Links Free Patterns

Go to for free craft and fabric link patterns.

Where can I get free gift cards?

Free Crochet Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns, listed by category through the network.

What are some good ideas for crafts for kids?

Craft Kit

A cheap gift for kids: put together a "craft kit" with everything needed to make the craft. Include the printed directions on a sheet of paper, and have it all in a big Ziploc bag. You could also promise to make the craft with the child, as a special treat.

What´s an economical gift that I could make for my relatives?

Photo Calendars

A great economical gift that relatives will love is a photo calendar that you can make yourself. If you have the computer skills and equipment, you can make the calendar start to finish, or you can get one done at Wal-Mart and other such stores. Personalize the calendar with family dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.

Where can I get free craft patterns?

Free Craft Patterns from Craftworks

Here is a small listing of free craft patterns from Craftworks Magazine.

Where can I get free craft patterns?

Mielke's Farm Patterns

Go to for free bobbin lace, crochet, felting, kniting and tatting patterns.

Where can I get free craft patterns?

FREE Stained Glass Patterns

Check out this website for free stained glass patterns.

Where can I get free craft patterns?

Free Projects, Patterns & Instructions from Craft Ideas

At the Craft Ideas website, you can find free projects, patterns and instructions on all different types of crafts.

Where can I get free craft patterns?

Hobby Industry Association - Free Projects

Get tons of free Craft Projects from the Hobby Industry Association.

Where can I get free craft patterns?

Quick & Easy Craft Patterns

Here is a link to a website that provides quick and easy craft patterns for free.

How can I save on craft supplies?

Christian Craft Supplies and Decorations

Go to to purchase Christian crafts and decorations, in bulk, and save money.

How can I make a potpourri wreath?

Potpourri Wreath

To make a decorative, fragrant potpourri wreath, you will need: a straw wreath of any shape or size, potpourri, a glue gun, and some newspaper to cover your work area. Working in small areas, put hot glue on the front of the wreath. Press handfuls of potpourri on the glue, holding for a moment til cool. Work your way around the wreath, covering inside and outside, but not the back. Let cool then turn wreath upside down, giving a slight shake. This will remove any loose potpourri and expose bare areas. Fill in the bare spots.

How can I save money on my craft supplies?

Buy Craft Supplies in Bulk

Go to to buy craft supplies in bulk, and save money at the same time.

How can I make wreaths?

Bright Wreaths

Go to to make bright wreaths.

Where can I get free craft patterns?

Free Instructions to Make a Windchime for Dad

Free instruction on how to make windchimes for your father for Father's Day, Christmas or his birthday.

How can I make my own potpourri?

Homemade Potpurri

Mix together some cinnamon sticks, whole cloves and allspice, citrus peel and pine cones. Make small bowls of potpourri and place them around the house.

Where can I get free craft patterns?

Free This n That Wood Patterns

Get free wood patterns: cows, angels and a couple of other different types of patterns. (You may want to close the pop-up window that appears over the page, as it's not relevant to the patterns.

how do I make a natural centerpiece?

Natural Centerpiece

A nice natural centerpiece can be made by lining a wooden bowl with colorful leafy greens. Fill with a selection of colorful fruit.

How can I become teacher certified in crocheting and knitting?

Become Teacher Certified in Crocheting and Knitting

Go to to become teacher certified in crocheting and knitting.

How can I re-use last year´s calendar?

Last Year's Calendar

Turn last year's calendars into works of art by hanging the pictures on the wall. Kids especially will love this, when you can take 12 pictures of their favorite characters, teen idols, etc. and decorate their room with them. Calendar pictures can be framed or left as is.

How can I make a Memory Jar?

Make a Memory Jar

You can create a " Memory Jar" for a special friend or relative. Take a pretty jar and fill it with small cards on which you have neatly written (or typed) your memory of a shared experience. Add photos, ticket stubs, etc. if you have any.

Where can I get free craft patterns?

Free ChicKnits Knitting Patterns

Go to for free ChicKnits knitting patterns.

How can I get free drawing paper?

FREE Drawing Paper

Do you have a newspaper office near you? If so you might want to check it out! Some give away newsprint roll ends for free. One roll can last you months! Use it for drawing, as wrapping paper and all kinds of arts and crafts.

How can I make it easier to clean up after I use glitter?

Working with Glitter

Any time you're making something with glitter, put a newspaper on your workspace and when you're through, use the crease as a funnel to return the unused glitter to its container.

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