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Where can I find freebies?

Freebies in Magazines

Many magazines that are geared toward women and parents will have free offers from some of their advertisers. Pay close attention to them and you will find some great deals!

Where can I get freebies?

Free Catalogs and Trial Magazines

Get free catalogs and trial magazines from Shop At Home.

Where can I get freebies?

Hundreds of Free Catalogs

Check out catalogs from America's best mail order merchants and request them free, right here online.

Where can I get freebies?

Mrs. Dash

Go to and click on the free samples link on the right hand side for your free recipe booklet and sample packets of Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy and Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blends.

Where can I get freebies?

Get Freebie Newsletters

Most freebie websites offer some sort of subscription service where they will email you a copy of their daily, weekly or monthly newsletter. For those of you that don't have the time to check all of the freebie websites all of the time, this is the perfect way to get information on the newest freebies being offered.

Where can I get freebies?

Magazine Savings

You can access any magazine of interest on-line to save money rather than subscribing to it or buying it at the newsstand. An added bonus: you get the main articles without many ads to sort through. Also, some of these online magazines offer FREE subscriptions to their online newsletter. Some of these newsletters are packed full with useful information.

Where can I get a free color printer?

Free Color Printers (to a select few)

Apply for a FREE Color Printer from XEROX today.

Where can I get free magazines?

Free Business Magazines

Go to and fill in your information to see if you qualify for free business-related magazines!

Where can I get freebies?

Quality Health

Free samples, coupons and more! By joining Quality Health today you can select from a host of free offers, samples and coupons that will bring better living to you and your family. Join now and take advantage of these benefits today. (US only). Go to to get your free samples. (The slow page load is worth the wait to get these freebies!).

Where can I find coupons?

Free E-Book of Coupons for Moms

"This ebook is filled with coupons and discounts for you on toys, cosmetics, clothing, office supplies, home decor and more! These are discounts you WON'T find anywhere else. Special bonus includes a TON of freebies, great prizes to win AND a very special Sneak Peek to even more great savings. Available for PC users only. MAC users cannot download to view... sorry."

Where can I get freebies?

Free Catalogs from Catalog Link

Get Free Catalogs from Catalog Link - A fantastic selection of catalogs to choose from. Apparel, Beauty, Food, Home and more! Plus, an international section for worldwide orders. (Available worldwide). Go to to get all of the details.

Where can I get freebies?


Start Sampling for great freebies. When you get the freebies, you also earn points for prizes. You can also earn points for giving your opinion of the samples you receive, for filling out mini-surveys, etc.

Where can I get freebies?

Free Local News

Depending on where you live, there is a good chance that you can find your local paper online, often in its entirety. Depending on the quality of the web design, reading your local paper online can be very enjoyable. But if you find that your local paper has a strong presence online, it could save you as much as $200.00 a year. It's a good way to offset the cost of your computer and internet access.

Where can I get freebies?

Free sample of Caltrate Colon Health

Go to to register for a free sample of Caltrate Colon Health.

Where can I get freebies?

Free 100 Minute Phone Card

Receive 100 minutes of free domestic US long distance. Your phone card will be delivered instantly by e-mail. Please read offer terms prior to ordering. (Available in the US only)

Where can I get software to view PDFs?

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Go to to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. "Welcome to Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® — free software for viewing and printing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files on all major hardware and operating system platforms."

Where can I get freebies?

Free Bottle of Country Bob's Sauce

Get a coupon mailed to you to get a free full-sized bottle of Country Bob's Sauce, by filling out the form at the bottom of this web page:

Is there a free download that I can use as a call waiting devise?

Free Internet Call Waiting Download

CallWave has developed the Internet Answering Machine, a FREE alternative to a dedicated modem line, and available to Internet users nationwide! It can be up and running in minutes by clicking

Where can I get free magazines?

FREE American Baby magazine subscription

Go to to get your free subscription!!! You must be an expectant parent in order to get this free publication from Better Homes and Gardens.

Where can I get freebies?

Free Issue of Cross Country Stitching Magazine

Go to for a free issue of Cross Country Stitching Magazine.

Where can I get freebies?

The Biggest Book Promotions

Take a look at some of the great sweepstakes, free offers and rebates available from participating manufacturers. Be sure to check back often for the latest offerings.

Where can I get freebies?

$25 Gas Card & $500 in coupons

FREE $25 Pre-paid Gas Card and $500 in FREE Grocery Coupons!

Where can I get freebies?

Sure Fit Slipcovers Catalog

Go to to get your free Sure Fit Sipcovers catalog.

How can I get free stuff with rebates?

Free After 100% Rebate

eBates has a special page where merchandise is free after a 100% rebate.

Where can I find some goo diabetes information?

Choose One of Two Diabetes Books

Choose One Of 2 FREE Diabetes Books : "Magic Menus" Or "Diabetes A-Z" When You Join GXL for Living.™ For Free ! Go to to join now!

Where can I get free gift cards?

Free $25 Gift Card

Get a Free $25 Gift Card when you try the Galleria Savings Program RISK-FREE for 30 days.

Where can I find free secret love letters online?

Free Inspirational Greetings and Poetry

Get free inspirational greetings and poetry. You will need to provide your e-mail address in order to get into this part of the site.

Where can I find freebies?

Free Eyeglass repair kit for seniors

"Just for Seniors" Life 2000 is available in the following states: Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska and Ohio. If you live in one of these states, go to to sign up for this freebie.

Where can I get freebies?

Remedy 3-year Subscription

Go to to see how you can get a free 3-year subscription of Remedy. Remedy is a health publication targeting women over 40 years old.

Where can I get freebies?

Free Condoms

Earn points to get free condoms!

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