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Where can I sign up for a free garden club membership?

Lowe's Garden Club - Free Membership

Go to www.Lowes.com/SignMeUp for membership in Lowe's Garden Club. Included in their seasonal newsletters are useful tips, fun project ideas, how-to articles, and exclusive contests.

What are some good survey sites?

American Consumer Opinion

Join American Consumer Opinion™ and get paid cash to complete online surveys. Typically $4 to $25 for each survey you complete! Evaluate new products, test new advertising, and tell companies what you like, don't like, and want in the future. Make your opinions count! (Available worldwide). Go to http://tinyurl.com/26h6l to find out more information and to sign up!

What are some good reward programs?

Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars will PAY you to: Sign Up ($5.00 INSTANTLY!), Read E-Mails ($0.01 - $0.10 per email), Refer Others ($5.00 per person!), Complete Offers (up to $40.00 per offer!). You can also earn money to complete surveys! It's totally free -- sign up today! (US only). Go to http://tinyurl.com/2e3q7 for more information and to sign up to start earning now!

How can I lower my financial aid bills?

Financial Aid

Check out http://tinyurl.com/36or to learn how to consolidate your student loans today. You can get a fixed interest rate as low as 2.25%, you can reduce your monthly payments up to 54% and/or you can combine your student loans into one easy payment. There is no obligation to try this program!

What do I need to know about mystery/secret shopping?

Article - Hot Home Biz: Mystery Shopping

Go to http://www.ivillage.com/work/wfh/features/articles/0,10109,187811_413334,00.html for an article titled 'Hot Home Biz: Mystery Shopping' by Ellen Parlapiano and Pat Cobe. This article is three pages long, so be sure to click the links at the bottom of the first page so that you can read the other two pages.

Where can I find the best scholarships to apply for?

Fast Web - Free Scholarship Search

Need money for college? Use FastWeb's free scholarship search to find information on more than 600,000 scholarships! More than 25 million students have used FastWeb's free service to find additional aid for school and is recommended by more than 4,000 colleges and 14,000 high schools. (US Only) Go to http://tinyurl.com/2nr7h for more information.

What should I do before I start signing up with survey companies?

Before You Begin

Before you begin signing up at survey websites, you should really think about the different types of surveys there are, as well as the different ways that you'll get "compensated" for them. There are some survey sites that have very long and involved questions, some with really short surveys and then all of the in-betweens. As far as "compensation" goes, some of them give you money, some of them give you points, some of them let you select free stuff upon completion, others give you the survey results only and then there are some that don't pay you at all. You need to prioritize these wants/needs before you start signing with tons of survey companies.

How can I save on herbs and spices?

Grow Your Own Herbs and Spices

Grow your own herbs and spices in windowsill flower pots to save money, and trips to the grocery store.

Where can I get freebies?

The Gardener's Gazette

Get a free copy of The Gardener's Gazette. http://www.cretech.com/GarGazette/free-sub.html

Where can I get freebies?

FREE Purina® Essential Kitten Care Kit

The FREE Essential Kitten Care Kit includes: The Purina® Kitten Chow Essential Kitten Care Booklet, Relaxing Music CD created especially for your Kitten, Coupon for Purina® Kitten Chow® Brand Kitten Food, Coupon for Tidy Cats brand cat litter and a "Tell-A-Friend" Card to help a friend care for their kitten.

Where can I get freebies for college?

Free College Bound Student Pak

"Register for a free College Bound Student Pak & tons of contests - Pak includes complimentary issue of College Bound Magazine, Free E-mail NewsFlash about Contests and Features, "Student Of The Year" Contest Application, Discounts On Educational Cool Stuff, Valuable Scholarship Information, Special Student Offers & More..." http://www.collegebound.net/pak/

Where can I enter poetry contests?


The International Library of Poetry will award 250 prizes totaling $58,000.00 to amateur poets in the coming months. (Available: US, CA, AU, NZ, UK). Go to http://tinyurl.com/2nd3b to see how you can enter this free poetry contest and get a chance to see your poetry in print!

How can I learn about mystery shopping?

National Center for Professional Mystery Shoppers

The National Center for Professional Mystery Shoppers and Merchandisers' website is http://justshop.org/ which is full of useful information.

What are some good survey sites?

Survey Networks

Win a Dell Computer or 1k Cash for completing the survey at http://tinyurl.com/3cvrb.

What´s a good cat site?

I Love Cats

If you're a cat lover, you may want to check out http://www.i-love-cats.com/for great articles, tips and other information pertaining to cats.

What should I do before I contact mystery/secret shopping companies?

Before You Begin to Register

Before you begin to register with the many mystery/secret shopping companies, you will want to make a list to answer some of the common questions that you will be asked. You'll want a list of the different towns/cities/states that you'd be willing to go to for a shop. Also, you'll want a list of the types of shops that you're interested in/qualified for, such as stores, restaurants, banks, hotels, etc.

How can I save money when I ship books?

Shipping Books

If you are mailing a book to someone (as a gift, for instance) and you aren't pressed for time, you can request that it be sent via "book rate mail." This shipping method is one of the cheapest available, typically $2.00 or less for a standard-sized hard cover book. The down side is that you never know how long it will take to be delivered, although a reasonable time frame is 1-2 weeks.

What´s a good website to go to for becoming a mystery shopper?

Mystery Shopping Providers Association

Go to www.mysteryshop.org to find out how you can become a mystery shopper. Click on the Shopper Link, enter your country/state, and get a list of available shops in your state. Each listing is by a seperate mystery shopper company, and you will need to apply to each company. There's a bit to do in the beginning. But once you're signed up, your golden. It's free to browse and apply. You can also join the association to get shopper certifications, but it's not mandatory, and not all companies even recognize the certifications.

Where do I find mystery shopping jobs?

Free subscription to Mystery Shopper Jobs

Free subscription to Mystery Shopper Jobs. To subscribe, email: shopjobs-subscribe@topica.com and they will send you a confirmation e-mail upon receipt of your request.

What are some good survey sites?

Global Survey Group

Make your opinions count and be rewarded for it. Complete short surveys and be eligible to win cars, cash, products, coupons and more! Get more chances to win with each survey completed! (US only). Go to http://tinyurl.com/27qyg to learn more and to join in!

What are some good survey sites?

goZing Surveys

Spend a few minutes completing online surveys for goZing.com and we'll pay you CASH or give you Cash Sweepstakes opportunties! Watch never-before-seen Movie Trailers and/or survey new products. Sign up now, it's fast, free and easy. (US and Canada only). Go to http://tinyurl.com/2jqs9 to sign up and start earning cash!!!

What are some good book clubs?

Children's Book-of-the-Month Club

Turn your kids on to books. Choose 5 children's books for $2 plus a FREE gift from Children's Book-of-the-Month Club®. Go to http://tinyurl.com/2u3po to get more information on this club and to find out how you can get FREE elephant bookends for joining.

Where can I enter contests?

Picture.com - Free Photo Contest

Picture.com is awarding over 250 prizes totaling $58,000 to amateur photographers. The contest is open to everyone and entry is FREE! (Available: US, CA, AU, NZ, UK). Go to http://tinyurl.com/2gxzg to see how you can enter this free photo contest.

How do I become a secret shopper?

Service Intelligence (Secret ShopNET)

Go to the Service Intelligence (Secret ShopNET) website at http://www.secretshopnet.com/ for an application to become a secret shopper.

Where can I get free flowers and plants?

Trans-Plants from Local Parks and Public Gardens

Some local parks departments and public gardens have plant giveaways.

How can I get organized?

Routine Matters

At the www.routine-matters.com website, you can find tons of information on how to become more organized. Being organized is important because it lowers stress and makes you healthier, and also gives you more time to do other things.

What are some good book clubs?

Crafter's Choice

Get 4 fun crafting books for $1 each.
Learn everything you need to know about
crafts ranging from soapmaking to quilting
and knitting. Go to http://tinyurl.com/2h5df to find out more about this great book club and how to get a FREE tote for joining!

Where can I get freebies?

FREE Sample Balance Diet Dog or Cat Food

Go to http://www.balancediet.com to get a free sample of Balance Diet Dog or Cat Food.

What are some good book clubs?

Romance - Rhapsody™ Book Club

The perfect romance is waiting for you! Take 6 romance books for 99˘, plus a free tote from Rhapsody™ Book Club. (US only) Go to http://tinyurl.com/37oyh to get more information on the club and how to join.

How can I get free plants?

Plant Society

You can get freebies by taking part in a plant society's "plant rescue" at fertile tracts before they're bulldozed for development. Do a web search by entering "plant society" in the search engine to try to find a group near you.

What are some good survey sites?

E-Poll Teens Survey

E-Poll Teens Survey offers you a terrific opportunity to express yourself...and the rewards don't stop there! Speak your mind and earn points redeemable for: Gift Certificates, Cash value discounts on great merchandise, CDs and Movies, and other cool gifts! Take polls for fun & rewards! Open only to teens 13 to 18 years of age. (US only). Go to http://tinyurl.com/2zvlc to sign up now and start earing cool rewards!!!

How can I save on envelopes?

Got Envelopes?

Ask card shops for their throw away envelopes after a special occasion. They usually send the cards back to the supplier for credit and will have extra envelopes left. You can make your own card to go inside, which will add a nice personal touch AND save you money.


Club Mom

ClubMom rewards and celebrates Moms for what they do everyday. ClubMom is open to ALL Moms, and is absolutely free. More than 3 million Moms have joined, and thousands more are joining daily. (US only) Go to http://tinyurl.com/3adf3 to join today and get a FREE, full version of Everlasting Pop Stopper™ Software, which sells for $29.95.

What are some good survey sites?

Global Test Market

Be a part of Global Test Market and make a real difference! Your participation in survey projects will directly influence how companies develop products and services to meet consumer needs. Get paid to influence the next generation of consumer services and products. Join Global Test Market now! (Available worldwide). Go to http://tinyurl.com/25ypj for more information and to join.

Where can I play games to win money?


Got Skills? Play Online Games & Win Ca$h! Play over 90 different fun games like Diamond Mine, MahJong Solitaire, Pool, Solitaire, Trivia, and much more! Register now and receive $6 FREE CA$H to play with!!! (Available Worldwide). Go to http://tinyurl.com/2r8wf to find out more!

What are some good book clubs?

Mystery Guild®

Get 6 mystery books for 99˘ + 1 free from The Mystery Guild®. Choose from hundreds of thrillers, chillers and suspense novels. Click for details. Go to http://tinyurl.com/2lj55 to get more information on this club, as well as how to join.

What are some good survey sites?


Go to http://www.mysurvey.com/join.cfm?r=716239 to register for MySurvey and start earning NFO Reward Points for taking surveys, which you can convert to cash and prizes. You'll earn 10 Reward Points just for registering. You will also be entered in a $10,000 sweepstakes. Tell companies your opinions and get goodies for doing so!

What are some good survey sites?

Survey Spot - For Men!

Guys, How would you like to have a voice in the marketplace and be rewarded for it? We are currently looking for men to voice their opinions on a variety of topics from entertainment to beverages - and here's the best part: You'll be entered in a drawing for one of over 100 prizes worth a total of $10,000, you'll take fun, interesting surveys and let your voice be heard! Men, when you join SurveySpot, we'll send you e-mail invitations to take part in short, fun surveys online. There's no commitment; you can take as many or as few surveys as you like. Just for joining SurveySpot, we'll enter your name into a drawing for over 100 prizes worth a total of $10,000 and there are more cash prize drawings every time you take a survey! Your opinions will help companies to develop better products and services and help shape the future. (US, Canada & UK). Go to http://tinyurl.com/2g74n to sign up!

What are some good reward programs?


Go to www.e-rewards.com to sign up for this great rewards program. You get points for reading their e-mails and answering short surveys. The points are good toward Blockbuster, American Airlines, eBags, Hertz, Delta, Hilton HHonors, Omaha Steaks and more.

Should I send postcards or notes?

Postcard Savings

When you send a postcard, don't use a regular first-class stamp. Buy the stamps that are specific for postcards, as they are cheaper.

How can I be sure my magazines will be forwarded to my new address?

Move Your Magazines

The post office is only required to forward your subscriptions for 60 days. Call OneSwitch toll-free at 1-866-262-3049, and rest assured all of your magazine will be automatically transferred to your new address at no cost to you.

Where can I get information about Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping Online Beginners Guide

Go to http://hometown.aol.com/mysteryshops/index.html for the Mystery Shopping Online Beginners Guide.

What should I do prior to looking for a house?

Make a List

Before you start to look for a house, you should make a list of things that you definitely want included in the house, things you'd like but could live without, and things you definitely don't want. As you start looking at houses, your list may change, and that's fine. Having a list to start with is better than nothing. Things to include on the list that you might not think of central air, fireplace, cellar/basement, garage, etc.

What are some good survey sites?

NFO Consumer Survey Panel

Make Your Opinions Count! Influence decision makers worldwide and help shape the products and services of the future by taking surveys. Earn reward points too (convert to cash and prizes). Join the NFO (National Family Opinion) Consumer Survey Panel. (US & Canada only). Go to for more information and to join the panel.

What are some good book clubs?

Doubleday Large Print®

Take 4 large print books for $1, plus 1 FREE from Doubleday Large Print®. Choose from the latest bestsellers in easy to read large type. (US only) Go to http://tinyurl.com/yso9m to get more information about this club and to learn how to get a 5th book FREE if you join.

What are some good survey sites?

The Net Panel

Be entered into our Plasma TV or $ 2,500 cash giveaway. Join our interactive Survey Panel and be rewarded for your opinions. (US Only). Go to http://tinyurl.com/2zvdk to get more information and to join the panel!

how can I save on film processing?

Film Processing

Save on film developing and printing by ordering from mail order firms. My favorite is York www.yorkphoto.com because I've been using them for years. They have great prices and their delivery is usually very quick. The best part about it being mail order is that you don't have to go anywhere - so you save time and gas money. York also pays for the postage, so that you don't have to.

What are some good survey sites?

Survey Savvy

Take Surveys - Get Rewards! Join SurveySavvy.com and they'll pay you real cash for fun and easy surveys while you shape the products and services of the future. Plus, they pay you when your friends take surveys and pay you even more when their friends take surveys! (Worldwide members needed!). Go to http://tinyurl.com/2sl3u to find out more and to join!

How can I help my garden?


Reduce food waste and help your garden by composting. For information on how to do this, contact your local Extension Service of the US Department of Agriculture.

Where can I find freebies?

Free Sample Nature's Recipe Dog or Cat Food or Treats

FREE Sample Nature's Recipe Dog or Cat Food or Treats at

Where can I register to become a secret shopper?


At http://www.secret-shoppers.com/index_gh.html?hop=vmann3.sshopgh you need to fill out an application and pay a one-time fee ($29.95) for the Secret Shoppers Online Guide.

Where can I get freebies?

Free Pet Tag for Joining

Get a free pet tag for joining the Advantage Pet Parent Association at http://www.nofleas.com/Pet-Parent-Association.asp. This is not an ordinary tag either. It's a beautiful golden color circle, so it looks at though your pet is wearing a medal instead of a pet tag.

What are some good survey sites?

Internet Survey Panel

Join the survey panel and help influence the products and services of tomorrow and get chances to win cash, prizes and more! (US only). Go to http://tinyurl.com/3hz77 to learn more and to sign up for this panel.

How can I get more information on degree programs?

Direct Degree

Today's online and distance education programs make it easy to earn a degree, no matter how busy you are. Join millions of successful people who have changed their lives with distance/online education. Find complete details and contact information for reputable institutions such as University of Phoenix, ITT, Jones International Online, FMU Online, and many, many others. (US only). Go to http://tinyurl.com/yphy8 to get more information!

What can I do with a free extra set of prints?

Photo Postcards

If you get a free set of double prints when you get your film developed, or if you simply have extra pictures you can't use, jot a note on the back and mail it as a postcard. Cheap, easy, & thoughtful!

What are some good book clubs?

Black Expressions

Books by and for African-Americans. Get 3 Books for $1 each from BLACK EXPRESSIONS™ and get a get a FREE tote bag! (US only) Go to http://tinyurl.com/2jd7b to find out more information and to sign up!

What can I do with my left-over frequent flyer miles?

Left-Over Frequent Flyer Miles

Trying to figure out what to do with your left-over frequent flyer miles? Well, look no further because I've found a website that will help you use them in other ways. Go to www.MilePoint.com and register. You can exchange your points for gift certificates or discounts at participating merchants.

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