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Can you really save money by maintaining your automobile?

Car Maintenance = Savings

You can save up to $100 a year on gas by keeping your engine tuned and your tires inflated to their proper pressure. This also saves wear and tear on your car in general, which means less repair jobs throughout the year.

What should I know before I buy an automobile?

Get a Free CARFAX Record Checkô

Don't make a $10,000 mistake! Get a Free CARFAX Record Check™ ... your best protection against buying a used car with costly, hidden problems. CARFAX searches its nationwide database and provides a detailed report in seconds. (US only). Go to to find out how to get your FREE copy!

How can I save on automobile Insurance?

2-door or 4-door?

Four-door cars generally have lower insurance rates than two-door cars. Check the insurance rate on your prospective car before buying.

Does the weight of my car really impact the amount of gas it uses?

Don't Overload Your Car

Pack as little in your car as necessary so it has less weight to carry. If your car has less weight to carry, it uses less gas, therefore saving you money.

How do I increase my gas mileage?

Steady Speed

Drive evenly with a steady foot. Avoid jiggling the accelerator. Cruise control helps maintain a constant speed. Following these instructions will help you increase your gas mileage.

What is an alternative to expensive water repellant?

Rain Repellant

If you use Rain-X or another water repellent on your windshield, consider this thrifty alternative: Put gobs of baking soda on a dampened cloth and wipe windows inside and out.

Do you know of an alternative to expensive floor mats?

Floor Mats Alternative

Floors mats are a great investment if you want to protect the appearance and resale value of your car. You don't need to buy expensive floor mats made just for that purpose. Pick up some inexpensive carpet samples and use them instead.

What are some tips for getting top dollar on selling my automobile?

Clean Your Car

A clean car is more likely to get top dollar than a dirty car. So make sure you vacuum, wash and wax your car before you try to sell it.

How can I save on my auto insurance?

Get a Package Deal

Some insurance companies will give you a package deal if you purchase more than one type of insurance with them. Therefore, if you buy auto insurance and home insurance, you could get a discount for having two policies with the same insurance agency. Doesn't hurt to ask.

What do I need to know before I buy an automobile?

Kelley Blue Book

The Kelley Blue Book website is the place to go to find the price of a car. This puts you in a better place to buy because you'll know the Blue Book value of the vehicle. Go to for more information.

Does it really pay to comparison shop for gasoline?

Gas Shopping

Shop around for service stations with the lowest gasoline prices, but don't go too far out of your way, as it may not be worth the extra savings. Try to make a mental note of the prices at the gas stations you pass during the course of travel each day.

How can I save on automobile Insurance?

Security Counts

In some states, you can save on your auto insurance just for having security. For instance, if you have a fire extinguisher in your car, or a car alarm, you might be eligible for a discount on your auto insurance.

How can I save on automobile Insurance?

AAA to the Rescue

If you have an AAA membership, you may be eligible for an automobile insurance discount. Check with your local AAA chapter to see if your insurance company is on the list.

Are there any benefits to carpooling?

Consider Carpooling

Carpooling limits the amount of time you spend behind the wheel which reduces stress and saves you time. Secondly, carpooling cuts down on the wear and tear on your car, the amount of gas you use every week, not to mention reducing the pollutants in the air by having less cars on the road. You can carpool to and from work, kids' activities, etc.

Can I really save gas by driving the speed limit?

Don't Speed

Cars get about 21% more mileage at 55 mph then at 70 mph. Better planning reduces the need for speeding, to get there in time. Also, if you don't speed, you won't have to worry about getting a speeding ticket - which costs money.

What should I know before I buy an automobile?

Automobile Safety from Consumer Reports

Go to and then to the Auto Hub section of the website. Here you will find information on the safest new cars, complete with analysis of how well each avoids accidents and protects passengers during collisions.

How do I keep my engine more fuel efficient?

Don't Keep Your Car Running

If you must stop for more than 30 seconds, don't keep your car running. The engine is more fuel efficient if your turn it off and restart it.

How can I sell my car?

Be Ready to Bargain

Most people that are looking to buy a used car are doing so to save money, therefore, expect them to try to bargain with you to get the price down lower. To prepare yourself know the Blue Book value of your car, if it were new, think of all of the miles, dents, dings, rust spots, problems, etc. and try to come up with a fair price. Explain it all to the prospective buyer, so they know that you came up with the price in a logical way, not just picking a price out of a hat.

How can I save on automobile Insurance?

Miles Matter

If you don't drive far/often, you could be eligible for a discount on your auto insurance. Some insurance companies will give you a discount if you drive under "xx" amount of miles per year. Ask your carrier if this applies to your plan.


Wheel Alignment

Keeping your wheels aligned makes for better mileage and longer tire life.

How should I maintain my tires?

Inflated Tires

Keep tires properly inflated to avoid premature wear and tear, as well as mileage loss. Under-inflated tires can waste 5%-10% more fuel and cause tire blow-outs, which can cause an accident.

How do I maintain my brakes?

Brake Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle's brakes properly adjusted means less wear and tear, which means you replace your brakes less often.

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