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What´s an inexpensive way to change my name?

Name Change List

Here is a link to a list of places to change your name once you are married. Make sure that you don't forget to change your name on any online places that you are registered at.

How can I make wedding centerpeices?


Go to to see an idea for making centerpieces, which I did at my wedding.

How can I save on catering costs?

Open Bar

Open bars are becoming a thing of the past, with rising wedding costs and cost of living increases. It is not mandatory to have an open bar for any length of time at a reception. These days you'll see it less and less, if at all.

How can I save on wedding clothing and accessories?

Borrow a Gown

If it doesn't matter if you have your own gown, why not wear your mother's or your friend's, or one of your other relative's gowns? This way all that you're paying for is the alterations (if needed).

How can I save money on make-up for my wedding?


If you're planning on wearing make-up for your wedding day, you could save some money by either applying it yourself, or having a family member or friend do it for you. If you've got the jitters, and you're really shaky, you'd be better off having a family member or a friend do it. It's just one less thing to worry about the day of the wedding.

How can I save on my honeymoon?

Online Honeymoon Booking

I would really only suggest this if one of you is a frequent traveler and will know everything that is involved in planning this event, or if you're not traveling far away. If you're going somewhere far away, or a place that you've never been to, at least talk to a travel agent about it, or research it heavily, before you purchase the travel arrangements.

How can I save on wedding favors and decorations?

Share, Share, Share Your Decorations

If you have a big family and/or group of friends that will all be getting married within a few years of each other, why not share wedding decorations. For instance, one person could buy a wishing well and lend it to the others in the group when they need it. You can do this with many wedding decorations. Try to get something that won't be out of style next week either.

How can I save on wedding favors and decorations?

Make Your Own

Look through bridal magazines to try to find favors and decorations that you like, that you also feel you could make. If you're not crafty, maybe you could get a friend or a relative to do it for you.

How can I save money on my wedding expenses?

Article - Weddings on a Budget

For an article about weddings on a budget, go to to get some good suggestions.

How can I save on catering costs?

Article on Low-Cost Catering

Check out this link for an in-depth article, with tons of ideas, on low-cost catering ideas.

How can I save on wedding parties?

Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is usually given by the Maid of Honor, so make sure that you speak with her about your shower. You don't need to rent a hall and have it catered either. You could just have it at someone's house or in their yard and still accomplish the same things.

How can I save on my wedding transportation costs?

Don't Get a Limo

If you want to hire a professional to handle the transportation, but you still want to save money, don't get a limo. Instead, you could get a nice, old car or a sedan or whatever else your provider might have. These days you see more and more different modes of transportation to and from weddings, so get creative and save money.

How can I save on a wedding videographer?

Have a Semi-Professional Take Your Wedding Video

If you don't want to pay the expense of a professional videographer, and you don't want to have an acquaintance do it, have a semi-professional do it. Call a vocational school or college in the area to see if they would be willing to do this for you. Most would jump at the opportunity to get such a job, and to be able to add to their "portfolio".

What do I need to know about changing my name after marriage?

Name Changing Options

Go to to read an article about name changing options. Some of these options are very different!

How can I save on getting my hair done for my wedding?


If you or someone you know could do your hair for you, that would save you some money, by not having a professional do it. Simple styles are in, and a lot of those styles don't require a professional.

How can I save on catering costs?

Sit Down, Buffet, or Something In-Between

So, do you have your typical sit down dinner, a buffet, or something in the middle? This will be a big factor in how much you save. Sit down meals cost more because they require X amount of wait staff per X amount of guests or tables - and that's where it gets expensive. You want a buffet, but you're not sure if it will go over well? Then try something in between. Plan carefully, because the catering is one of the biggest wedding expenses.

How can I save on my honeymoon?

Should You Get a Travel Agent?

If you've never really traveled before, you may want to consider going through a travel agent - especially if you will be going out of the country. If you're going to a resort like Sandals or Beaches, you might want to go to one of their certified travel agents. The certified travel agents are able to tell you all sorts of things about a resort that you won't find in a brochure, because they've been there before. So, you'll want to weigh your options to help you make this decision.

What is a good way to get my name changed after marriage?

New Bride Name Change Kit

Getting your name changed from your maiden name to your married name is a very time-consuming project that takes a lot of time, patience and organization. To help you get through this, there is a kit that you can purchase. All kits are personalized to the bride's state, so that she will have all of the proper documents. This is definitely worth the small investment.
Official New Bride Name Change Kit

How can I save on a wedding photographer?

Do You Need a Professional?

One thing that you both need to decide is whether you want to have a professional photographer take the pictures at your wedding. If you decide not to, then you need to start planning on who will do it, which photos you want taken, and so on. If you decide to hire a professional, you can still save money by limiting the number of pictures that he/she takes, as well as the number of locations that the pictures are taken at. For instance, it will cost more for the photographer to take pictures at your mother's, the church, a special location, the church and the reception.

How can I save on wedding invitations?

Informal Invitations

If you're having an informal wedding, you can save on invitations. For instance, you could go without invitations, and invite people through phone calls, e-mails and regular mail. If you still want invitations, you could buy packs of pre-made invitations (such as you would for a birthday party) and use those instead of buying the expensive, fancy ones.

What is a unique wedding favor idea?

Guest Favors

Go to to see the unique idea I used to make my guests favors at my wedding.

How can I save money on wedding favors and decorations?

Wedding Favors and Decorations

Go to and click on the wedding link to purchase wedding favors and decorations, in bulk, and save money and time in the process.

How can I save money on make-up for my wedding?

Get Married Around Easter, etc.

If you get married around Easter, there is likely to already be flowers at the church. Flowers such as tulips and lilies are more likely than others. Check with the church before you spend money on more flowers. Also, check to see if this works around other holidays.

How can I save on a wedding videographer?

Have an Acquaintance be Your Videographer

Do you have a friend or a relative that's always taping things, and really good at it? If so, you may want to ask him or her if they'd be willing to videotape your wedding. If you go this route, please make sure that you explain exactly what you want and/or don't want. Also, if you will be doing something out-of-the-ordinary at the ceremony or the reception, make sure that your videographer knows about it, and that you want it taped.

How can I save on a wedding photographer?

Use Disposable Cameras at the Reception

You can limit the number of photos a professional needs to take by having disposable cameras at the reception. Place them at all of the tables, and make sure that you leave instructions and/or have the DJ give instructions. You may want to ask some people to take certain photos, and you may request that guests take candid shots. Also, know which shots the photographer plans on taking, so that they aren't duplicated.

How can I save on a wedding photographer?

Have an Acquaintance Take the Photos

Do you know someone that is good at taking pictures, that you feel confident that he/she would do a good job? If so, ask him/her to do it for you. Depending on your relationship with this individual, you might not even have to pay for the services. Make sure that before the day of the wedding that you sit down with him/her to discuss which photos are the most important for them to take. If you'll be doing something out-of-the-ordinary during the ceremony or the reception, and want it photographed, make sure that you fill in the person so that he/she will be ready.

How can I save on catering costs?

Buffets are a Good Choice

Buffets are gaining more and more popularity with brides and grooms, as well as their guests. For the brides and grooms, a buffet is less expensive and a great way to be able to please more guests with food options. The guests like it because they get options, instead of chicken. If you have frail guests, please be aware of that, and have someone available to assist them.

How can I make my own shower centerpieces?

Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Make this beautiful bridal shower decoration yourself.

How can I save on wedding invitations?

Make Your Own

To save money on invitations, you may want to make your own. Most craft and stationary stores sell blank packs of invitations that you can put through your computer. Before you buy the entire amount that you need, you may want to buy only one pack first, to make sure that they go through your printer well. Sometimes, invitations that have raised borders and/or graphics, will have trouble going through some printers. If it doesn't work well through yours, try someone else's.

How can I save on a wedding photographer?

Have a Semi-Professional Take the Photos

Instead of having a professional take the pictures, or an acquaintance, why not get a semi-professional? There is probably a vocational school or college in your area that could do this for you. They would be more than grateful to have the opportunity for such a job, and to be able to add to their portfolio. Just make sure that you're comfortable with the person you choose, and you should be fine.

How can I save on my honeymoon?

Wedding Packages

Before you sign up for a wedding package, you might want to do your homework first. Not all packages will save you money. Also, read the details of this package very carefully to make sure that there aren't any hidden fees because you got the package.

How can I save on wedding favors and decorations?

Article - 25 Wedding Favor Ideas

At you can read an article about 25 wedding favor ideas that you can make yourself.

How can I track my wedding budget?

Budget Tracking Form

When planning a wedding, it is very easy to forget your budget. Here is a link to a budget tracking form to help you with this.

How can I save on my honeymoon?

Should You Splurge?

Do you want to have a thrifty honeymoon, or do you want to splurge, or find something in the middle? That is the first thing that you need to decide, before you even think about a destination. If you've never really gone anywhere before, you might want to splurge. If you're planning on waiting for your first anniversary to take a big honeymoon, then you may want to be thrifty or semi-thrifty for this one. Knowing this will help you make a decision.

How can I save on wedding flowers?

Share Church Flowers

When you book your wedding, see if there is another wedding right before and/or after it. If so, see if they will let you contact the other wedding party to see if they would like to go in together on the cost of the flowers that you use at the church and have the flowers be available for both weddings.

Should I get a tan for my wedding?

To Tan, or Not To Tan

So, you're pondering about whether you should go tanning prior to your wedding day. Tanning is not healthy, but neither is a bad sun burn in the tropics. So, if you're going somewhere tropical, you may want to consider getting a starter tan, so that you hopefully don't burn while you're on your honeymoon. Also, if you burn easily, you may want to consider it as well. If you've never tanned, talk to a trusted friend or family member that has, to get information before you go tanning.

What is a different approach to a guest book?

Guestbook Idea

At you will find a guestbook idea that I used for my wedding.

How can I save on flowers for my wedding?

Make Your Own

Make your own flowers for your wedding. From bouquets to corsages, and centerpieces to big arrangements you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself. You can used dried flowers or silk flowers from a craft store, or pick your own wild flowers. Be as creative as you want by adding ribbon, fabric, bows and other things to make your masterpiece an original.

How can I save on wedding parties?

Jack-n-Jill Party

So, you've decided that you'd really like to have a Jack-n-Jill party, but your not sure how to do it without breaking the bank. Well, instead of renting a hall and getting a caterer, why not have a night out on the town instead? Pick a restaurant that you and your fiancee' like to go to and make reservations. Then go play pool, go dancing, go bowling, or whatever it is that you and your fiancee' like to do. This way, everyone gets to go out and have fun, and the financial burden isn't left to a select few because everyone pays their own way.

How can I save on my wedding transportation costs?

Use Your Own Vehicle or Borrow One

If you or someone that you know has a nice vehicle that you would like to use, why not go ahead and use it! It would be wise to figure out who is going to be in charge of driving before you ask to borrow a vehicle, so that the owner doesn't assume that you mean that he/she would be the one doing the driving. If you're going to use your own vehicle, it would be wise to find someone else, probably not a relative, to drive it for you.

How can I save on catering costs?

You Don't Have to Have Champagne

Contrary to popular belief, more and more couples are opting to not provide a bottle of champagne at the tables. Other options are the fake champagne or nothing at all. The guests can still toast the bride and groom with their own drink instead of a champagne toast.

How can I save on wedding favors and decorations?

Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Go to to find unique wedding favor ideas to purchase and/or make. There's a section on the right-hand side of the page with links to do-it-yourself favors.

Where can I get an anniversary list?

Wedding Anniversary List

Go to this link and get a list where you can record the wedding anniversaries of friends and family members.

Where can I get free wedding projects?

Free Wedding Projects

Go to for free wedding projects.

What do I need to know about wedding photography?

Article - Questions for the Photographer

Go to for an article called 'Questions for the Photographer'.

How can I save on a wedding videographer?

Do You Really Need/Want One?

If you're going to have a professional photographer, who knows about every photo that you want taken, you may not even want a videographer. Videographers are expensive, so you would be better off paying more for a professional photographer instead.

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