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Where can older people get information?

Remedy Magazine (45 and older)

If you're 45 or older you can sign up for this free magazine that includes information on nutrition, fitness, alternative care, general health and well-being; plus much more. Here is a link to the page where you can sign up for the free magazine.
You can also pick-up a free copy of this magazine at any CVS pharmacy.

How can I learn about knee pain relief?

FREE "Knee Pain Relief Kit"

Call 1-888-618-1682 for a viseo, featuring Nancy Lopez, Hall of Fame Professional Golfer, a booklet and a list of SYNVISC providers near you.

Where can I get freebies?

Free Hearing Aid Batteries

Go to to find out how you can get free hearing aid batteries for yourself or a loved one.

Where can I get freebies?


Get up to $60 in savings for you and your baby with valuable coupons on FIRST RESPONSE ® Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Kits, Cosco®, TUMS® and more

Where can I get a free guide about managing high cholesterol?

Free Guide for Managing High Cholesterol

Special Offer From Quality Health: Free Guide for Managing High Cholesterol (US only) Go to for more information on how to get your free guide.

How can I save money on medication expenses?

Nasonex Website (For Allergy Sufferers)

Go to for a $5.00 rebate certificate, and information on how to get a free bottle. The free bottle is part of a buy 4 get one free offer, but it still helps.

How can I save on my prescriptions?

Mail Order Option = Savings

If your prescription drug program offers a mail order option, it would be very wise to check into it. Most of the prescription mail order programs allow you to purchase up to a three month supply, at the one month price. Imagine the savings possibilities, especially if you have expensive prescriptions!

How can I save money at the dentist office?

Do You Really Need That X-Ray?

Dentists like to take x-rays every so often to keep on file. When they say that they want to take an x-ray, ask why. If it's not because of a medical problem or concern, tell them you'd rather hold off until next time (or later). This is only if the x-rays aren't covered by dental insurance.

What is a good website for healthcare?

About Pediatrics

Go to for assistance in finding the right pediatrician, nutition information, and many other helpful topics.

How often should I go to the dentist?

Twice a Year

It is suggested that you go to the dentist at least twice a year for a regular cleaning, and more if needed. It would be unwise to not go twice a year, no matter how healthy your teeth and gums are, because you never know when a problem will arise. The sooner that a problem is found, the sooner it will get fixed, and the less money you'll need to spend on expensive dental procedures.

Where can I download some fitness information?

Free Downloadable Nutrition and Fitness Log

Go to for a free downloadable nutrition and fitness log.

How can I lower my prescription costs?

Free Medicine for Uninsured Patients

Under the program, many of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.'s products are provided free of charge to eligible patients. To qualify, patients must: lack prescription coverage, be ineligible for Medicaid prescription assistance, be a citizen of the United States, and meet the income guidelines. Some drugs covered are Aggrenox, Atrovent Inhalation Aerosol, Flomax, Mobic and more. Call (800) 556-8317 and request your enrollment form.

Where can I get information on low blood sugar?

ACTOS Website (for diabetics)

Go to to request free information on improving your blood sugar control. They have a special e-mail update that you can subscribe to, articles and information on blood sugar, a blood sugar log, and many other things.

How can I save on my prescription drugs?

Share Card from Pfizer for Living

Go to and click on ShareCard Information to see if you qualify for this great program. Those that qualify are usually on a limited income and Medicare-enrolled, but it's still worth a shot to see if you're eligible!

Where can I get information on diabetes?

Diabetes Self-Management

Go to to learn more about diabetes self-management. Click the link on the right-hand side to get a free sample issue of their magazine. They state that the sample issue has no obligation, no commitment and no strings attached.

How can I save money on prescription drugs?

Canada Drugs

Call 1-800-CAN-DRUG or visit to learn how you can save up to 50% on the cost of your prescription medicine. Also, once you've joined, you can refer others for rewards. Your referral will give that person a $10 discount on their first order, and you will get a $10 reward, good toward your next order. If you refer enough people to their program, your next order could be free!

Where can I get free information about menopause? (Discounted Health Supplies) has the Internet's LARGEST selection of DISCOUNTED wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, hospital beds, diabetic supplies and daily living aids. Medicare & Medicaid is accepted. Go to for more information.

Where can I get freebies?

BenzaClin (Acne)

Go to for a free copy of their informative booklet that is a must have for parents who want to understand their teen's point of view, which is an important part of helping teens deal with and treat their acne.

What types of goodies can I find at the doctors office?

Coupons and Information

Besides getting samples to give to patients, doctors often get coupons and brochures from drug companies that are trying to sell their product. Sometimes, coupons will be right out there in the open, and other times they might be inside a brochure or pamphlet, so it's a good idea to look around. Also, the brochures and other literature that are left out may be of interest to you, or someone that you know, so it wouldn't hurt to really look.

What can I do with all of the free lipstick samples that I have?

Lipstick Samples

If you have tons of lipstick samples that you got for free from cosmetic counters, I'm sure that you've got some in colors that you would never wear. But being frugle, you probably couldn't find it in you to throw those free samples away. Now you don't have to. Instead buy one white and one black lipstick and mix them with the samples until you get a color that you like. If that doesn't work, give them to some kids for dress-up!

How can I save on nursing home expenses?

Speak With a Professional

Before you get overwhelmed with the nursing home search and paperwork process, speak with a professional, so that you don't get in over your head. There are state agencies that can assist you, as well as geriatric care managers. They will help you choose which type of nursing home would work best for your needs. This could save you money in the long run from going to a more expensive facility because you didn't know any better.

How can I sell my car?

Health Care Supplies Online

Go to and visit the website for great deals on healh care supplies, wheelchairs, scooters, and so much more! The best part is that they accept Medicaid and Medicare!!!

How can I save with my health insurance?

Know Your Health Insurance Plan

It is very important that you know a lot about your health insurance plan, so that you don't end up paying for things that weren't covered. For instance, do you need referrals to see a specialist? If so, make sure you do, or you'll end up paying a lot to go see that specialist. If you're going out of area on travel, make sure you know what your health insurance covers for out of area expenses, just in case you need them.

How can I save money on prescription drugs?

Xenical (Weight Loss)

Go to to get your free evaluation and money-saving offer, and learn about valuable weight-loss support through XENICare.

How can I learn more about anemia? (anemia)

"If you are on chemotherapy or HIV therapy, or if you have kidney disease, anemia may leave you feeling tired. Choose from the options at right to learn more about a doctor-prescribed treatment that can help treat anemia and associated fatigue." Go to for this information and great resources, supports, brochures and more!

Where can I get free information on allergies?

Allegra Website (for allergy sufferers)

Go to and click on the link at the top left of the screen for Allegra Extras Program. Joining this program will help you get freebies and valuable information, coupons and rebates from Aventis Pharmaceuticals.

Where can I get free information on Psoriasis?

Psoriasis FREE Magazine and Info.

Do you have Psoriasis? Do you know what Psoriasis is? Sign up now and you will receive: Free information, A free magazine subscription, Exclusive mailings about Psoriasis and its treatments. Take control- Visit us today! (US only). Go to to get all of the FREE information. (Please wait for the page to load. Believe me, it's worth the wait!).

Where can I get freebies?

Free Heartburn Sample

Do you have heartburn? Go to
for your free sample and free information on acid reflux disease. (Please wait for the page to load).

How can I save with prescriptions?

Ask for Samples

When you're at the doctor's office, it's always wise to ask for samples. If he has samples of a prescription that you already take, that's less money to spend on the prescription. If he has just recommended a new prescription, it's wise to try a sample pack before spending the money on a full prescription.

How can I save with my health insurance?

Family Plans

Family plans are usually only worth it if you have children. If you have such a plan so that you and your husband can have the same insurance, check it out to make sure that it wouldn't be cheaper for you to both have separate plans (if you are in a position to do this). Also, some insurance carriers offer plans for couples, so you may want to ask about, and look into that option.

What should I do when the doctor gives me a new prescription?

New Prescription?

When the doctor gives you a new prescription, make sure you ask all of the details (especially side effects), and whether that is the generic of another brand. Generics are cheaper, so try to get the generic. Also, see if he has a sample pack for you to try, and/or a coupon for the prescription. It never hurts to ask.

How can I save money on medication expenses?

Prevacid (acid reflux)

Go to to print your certificate for a free 7-day supply and free information kit by mail. The kit is all about managing the disease and the risks.

Where can I ger information about long term care insurance?

The Insiders Guide to Long Term Care Insurance

Your unbiased guide to Long Term Care Insurance. Receive your quote on Long Term Care Insurance. You will also receive a free copy of "The Insiders Guide to Long Term Care Insurance" (US only). Go to to get your free guide today!

How can I save on prescription drugs?

Veterans and Active Duty Military

U.S. Veterans and Active Duty military can join Veterans Advantage and get up to 65% off on prescription drugs for you and your family. Go to to learn how.

Where can I get freebies?

Serenity Night & Day

For a free sample of Serenity Night & Day, go to and fill out the form.

Where can I get freebies?

Free Sample of Serenity

Call 1-866-434-6637 (toll free) to request your free sample of Serenity.

Where can I get freebies?

FREE Guide to Understanding Overactive Bladder

Call toll free 1-866-358-3100 to get your FREE Guide to Understanding Overactive Bladder (OAB). Learn what causes those frequent, strong and sudden urges, and about a proven treatment option. Plus, get tips to help you go less often and questions to ask your doctor about what you can do for overactive bladder.

Where can I get information on nail fungus?

Penlac Website (for nail fungus)

Go to and join the Penlac Extras Program. As an Extras member you will receive a free 10 minute phone card, news, tips, and other valuable information from Dermik Laboratories.

What are some good free clubs/memberships to join?

Dr. Scholls' FREE Personal Performance membership

Go to to sign up for Dr. Scholls' FREE Personal Performance membership. Just complete the brief questionnaire and receive your FREE membership and a chance to win one of 9 exciting vacations. As a Personal Performance member, you'll receive custom email letters with advice on how to keep healthy and fit. You'll also benefit from special offers and discounts on products designed for your active lifestyle.

Where can I get freebies?

Select Comfort

Go to to request your free brochure and sleep video from Select Comfort.

How can I save money at the dentist office?

Talk With Your Doctor First

More than likely it would be at the recommendation of a doctor or family member that you go into a nursing home. Before you do so, speak with your doctor to see what type of nursing home you need. Why pay more for a nursing home that gives you everything, when there are only a few things that you need assistance with.

Where can I get freebies?

FREE REassure Bladder Control Pad

Call 1-800-2MY-HOME (1-800-269-4663) for your free sample of Reassure Bladder Control Pad.

Where can I get free information about menopause?

Menopause Action Kit

For your free Menopause Action Kit from Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, makers of Premarin and Premphase, call toll free at 1-800-841-7051.

How can I save on over-the-counter products?

Save on Over-the-Counter Products

Go to to see how you can save on over-the-counter products. Here, you can find all natural product versions of Tyleno, Advil, and much, much more! You can also get Valerin, which is a great product to take for muscle pain/spasms, tension, stress, headaches, cramps and more! not sure if you'll love Valerin like I do, try their free sample! (Scroll down the page until you see the blue link VALERIN FREE SAMPLE. You will be taken to another screen that tells you more about the product, and how to get the free sample. The free sample is 6 tablets that will be mailed to you. This free sample is totally free, and does come - that's how I got started with Valerin).

Where can I get information on Alzheimer´s?

Aricept Website (for Alzheimer's)

Go to for information on this prescription for Alzheimer's patients, as well as information on Alzheimer's, with links to numerous related websites.

How can I save on prescription drugs?

Together RX

Go to to find out more about this program, that was designed for millions of Medicare-enrolled seniors who don't have prescription drug coverage. This program is available at no cost, so act fast!

How can I save money at the dentist office?

Coupons and Freebies From the Dentist

When you go to the dentist office, more than likely you're going to leave with some freebies (toothbrush, toothpaste, floss or mouthwash), and if not, try asking. Also the dentist office is a good place to get coupons and/or rebates on toothbrushes, toothpastes, flosses and mouthwashes. If you don't see any in the reception area, just ask.

What can I do for my nasal allergies?

FREE Nasal Allergy Kit

Go to,20,30 for your FREE Nasal Allergy Kit. This kit includes a savings certificate worth up to $10 to use on your first prescription for RHINOCORT AQUA—the nasal spray that's Tough on Nasal Allergies, Gentle on the Nose™; a subscription to the online Sneezin' Season Update, featuring nasal allergy information, tips, and friendly advice; and a fun, animated Cyranose and Flutter screensaver to perk up your desktop.

How can I lower my cholesterol?

Lipitor (cholesterol)

Go to and fill in the form to get more information on Lipitor, one of the leading brands of medication available to help lower your cholesterol.

Where can I get free information on allergies?

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Website

Go to to get the latest information on treatments for food, seasonal, latex, and animal allergies, as well as asthma. You can also find physician referrals and other resources.

Where can I get freebies?

FREE Sample of Diabetic Skin Therapy Advanced Healing Cream

Get your free Sample of Diabetic Skin Therapy Advanced Healing Cream. Heal your severely dry, cracked and damaged skin with Neoteric. Just fill out the form and your FREE Sample will be on its way. Offer valid in the U.S. only.

Should I check my doctor´s bills?

Check Your Bill Charges

Billing errors are common. Doctors may mismark that treatment form, and incorrect coding can cause an insurer to view a test as optional when it was actually for a diagnosed condition.

Where can I get information on diabetes?

Free Information Kit for Managing Diabetes

Free Information Kit for Managing Diabetes. One minute is all it takes to enroll and get your FREE samples, coupons, and other great offers. (US only) Go to for more information on how to get your FREE information kit

Where can I get vaccine information for my children?

Vaccine Requirements

Get the medical facts about vaccines from doctors at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Vaccine Education Center and the American Academy of Pediatrics. The National Network for Immunization Information's database gives you state-by-state vaccine requirements for school entry. Here are the three websites:

How can I save on nursing home expenses?

Visit Many Nursing Homes

You should visit many nursing homes to help you decide which facility you'd like to live in. Bring a trusted friend or family member, who might notice things that you didn't, which could help you in your decision process. Be as sure as you can before you sign up because this is going to be your living space for the rest of your life (more than likely), and it would be best to take your time and find the right place first, than to realize afterwards that you don't like it there, and have to pay more money to move again.


FREE glaucoma information kit

Call 1-866-531-0400, or visit for your FREE glaucoma information kit.

Where can I get information on diabetes?

Lifescan Website (for blood glucose monitoring)

The Lifescan OneTouch website, at, offers tons of information, including a free e-mail newsletter, a free download of their IN TOUCH software, recipes, promotions, and much more great information on diabetes and blood glucose monitoring.

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