Don't Feel Deprived

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What should I do when I feel deprived about cutting back on expenses?

Don't Feel Deprived

A lot of times, we feel deprived when we are trying to cut back on expenses. In order to avoid feeling this way, be sure to treat yourself on a regular basis. Make a list of five things that you like to do that don't cost any money. Tape this on your bathroom mirror and do one of these things every week (or every day if you can).



1/7/2008 7:57:03 PM
candace said:

If you are on a budget, allow for a allowance, even if it is small in the beginning it is great. Especially if you find something on sale. Budgeting can be very empowering, consider money that you save in groceries or utility bills as yours-it can become a great game.


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